September 16-18: Weekend Events in Luxembourg

Get a European-style scare at the movies, get moving at a dance class at Neumünster Abbey or be moved by beautiful seascape paintings. Or maybe take it easy and brush up on your Luxembourgish this weekend in the Grand Duchy.

The Screen

16-18 September: Three Thousand Years of Longing, Kinepolis, times vary

From the nutter that brought you Mad Max: Fury Road comes a fantastical romantic drama starring Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba. Directed by George Miller, this film is an adaptation of Booker-prize winning author A.S. Byatt's short story "The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye" and sees a lonely scholar discover a genie who'll grant her three wishes in exchange for his freedom. A must for those that have always wanted to see Idris Elba with pointy ears.

September 16-18: Speak No Evil (Gæsterne), Kinepolis, times vary

In what can only be described as a particularly European kind of horror movie, Speak No Evil follows a Danish family visiting a Dutch family they met on holiday. But as thing take a turn for the creepy and the horrific, the border between awkward politeness and being frozen in fear blurs. Testing the boundaries of civility, this film will make you never want to go through that overly courteous stage of friendship again. 


The Stage

September 17 to October 15: Into the Blue Exhibition by Carolin Wehrmann at Galerie Schortgen, 3PM to 6PM (in the presence of the artist)

A contemporary practitioner of a particularly reflective kind of realism, Carolin Wehrmann's seascape paintings display extraordinary depth and luminousness. Using pigments, oils and resins, her paintings of crashing waves and calmly flowing tides capture nature at its most pristine. A master of authentic naturalism, the exhibition launching this Friday at Galerie Schortgen is a great opportunity to see these true-to-life reflections up close. (And no, the image below is not a photograph, but one of her works).

A booklet on her style and upcoming exhibition here.

September 16 to 18: Swing the Abbey, Neumünster Abbey, times vary

The fourth edition of Luxembourg's very own lindy hop and solo jazz festival is back at Neumünster Abbey in the capital. You can register to take part in live dance classes as a beginner or as a true blue dance aficionado. Registration closes soon, so whether you're solo or intent on bringing a partner, make sure to sign up for this unique chance to get swinging. As an added bonus, there'll be a special class on Friday all about African dance. 

Get registered and moving online.


The Wildcard

Brush up on the 'bourgish

Whether in pursuit of citizenship, in need of a linguistic refresher or just to converse with the nice lady that works at the bakery, learning a bit of Luxembourgish is of great benefit. Not everyone's had a formal education in the language, and with it officially counting as endangered, why not impress your friends by pronouncing 'Gromperekichelcher' flawlessly?

You could take a quick aptitude test to see where you're at language-wise:

You could (and I'm not kidding) get into Capitani on Netflix as a great exercise in listening and understanding. Subtitles may or may not be a must.

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