January 14-16: Weekend Events in Luxembourg

We're halfway through the hardest month of the year, folks! Now, here's a list of ways to enjoy yourself, and beat the January blues, this weekend.

The Screen

January 14-16: The 355, Kinepolis, times vary


The top female intelligence operatives from around the world must come together to recover an ominously powerful weapon that has fallen into the wrong hands. The world’s deadliest women join forces, scouring the globe in a bid to either save the world—or die trying. Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, and Penélope Cruz bring some serious acting clout to a predominantly female cast. The 355 will be a new addition to the growing number of action-thrillers that place women front and centre.

January 14-16: Scream, Kinepolis, times vary


It’s hard to tell if this is a reboot, an instalment, or both. All that is clear is that slasher fans of the world are rejoicing. Scream is set 25 years after the original serial killings in Woodsboro, which were made famous by the original film of the same name. In this new version, a different killer comes out of the woodwork, and (a now middle-aged) Sydney Prescott must once again get herself in the middle of the gory massacre to unmask the threat. In a modern world, the rules have changed, and the new Ghostface seems more powerful than his/her predecessors. But Dewey, Sydney, and the rest of the gang have been waiting—they’re ready this time.


The Stage

January 15-16: Familgie, Rotondes, times vary


This unique, non-verbal performance piece turns the stage into a shop window. The performance is aimed at parents with younger children, as can be seen in the video link provided below. The work explores the nature of family, and the endless forms in which that exists. The aim of Familgie is to allow a younger audience (but also an older one) to see the plurality of what we mean when we say ‘family’. This piece—created by Lorenzo Monti and Andrea Buzzetti—is funny and inspiring. Bring the kids to Rotondes this weekend for a chance to see a truly imaginative act of window-dressing.


The Wildcard

January 14: Mental Health Matters Exhibitions, Oak Bistro, 6pm


Thought lou.p (aka Lou Philippy) has teamed up with Oak bistro (a gem for fans of vegan, locally-sourced, zero-waste food). The cosy bistro will be transformed into a gallery on Friday night, displaying a range of art pieces on the topic of mental health. All works exhibited will be for sale, and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the a.s.b.l., ‘La Ligue Luxembourgoise d’Hygiène Mental’. This is a great opportunity to appreciate art that raises both money and awareness for mental health, in a period that may well be remembered for its devastating toll on that aspect of our lives.

January 15: Discussion Platform: Form Follows Fiction, MUDAM, 10am


Head to MUDAM on Saturday morning to be involved with a roundtable-style discussion, held over breakfast, on a variety of topics relating to Luxembourg, how it’s changing, and the complexity of the country. This is a rare opportunity to sit shoulder to shoulder with artists, academics, and curators, in order to explore such key themes as ‘borders, migration, languages, living together, development of our country’. If you have a passion for Luxembourg, and how it develops going forward, this is your platform to share ideas and connect with some of the country’s major ‘movers and shakers’ in various fields.