January 7-9: Weekend Events in Luxembourg

New year, same old question: what on earth are you going to do this weekend? Have scroll through the tabs below if you need some inspiration.

The Screen

January 8: Jane Eyre (2011), Cinematheque de la Ville, 8pm


If you studied English in secondary school, you almost certainly read Charlotte Brontë’s, Jane Eyre. The story is one of love, loss, and beauty. It interrogates the various forms in which all three of these things come into our lives. It does so through the framework of a nineteenth century tragic romance. In 2011 Cary Fukunaga became the next in a long line of directors who hoped to successfully adapt the novel for the big screen. As far as most critics are concerned, Fukunaga did a good job. Head to the Cinematheque de la Ville and see if the performances of Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, and Judi Dench win you over, too!

January 7-9: Sword Art Online—Progressive, Kinepolis, times vary


This one is for all the Anime fans out there! Sword Art Online took the (manga and anime) world by storm in the 2010s, becoming a defining series of the anime genre. It has spawned countless novelisations, spinoff series', and even a Netflix live-action version is in the works. The long and short of the plot is this: an online, virtual reality, multiplayer game (VRMMORPG for the fellow geeks out there) offers players a new world in which to play out lives that differ vastly to their own. There is, however, a catch...

The new film, Sword Art OnlineProgressive, narrows in on the early days of the game, exploring the first encounters and trials faced by the series' main characters: Kirito and Asuna. This is the second large-production film in the Sword Art Online franchise, and this weekend presents a rare opportunity for Luxembourgers to see it as intended: on a big screen.


The Stage

January 7: Pop Rock Jam Session, Bei der Gare, 7.30pm


Bring along your instrument of choice, or just come along and listen. This free-for-all jam session is a monthly tradition at the Bei der Gare venue, a cosy venue located in one of the more characterful parts of the city. If you are a fan of open mics, jamming, or simply supporting local, grassroots artists, this event is right up your street. Kitchen and bar service will be available throughout the evening.

January 9: Airelle Besson Quartet, Neimënster Cultural Centre, 11am


Some Sunday morning Jazz, courtesy of Airelle Besson, and her accompanying musicians, might be just what you want to fend off any pre-Monday blues. Besson, who has only grown in success over recent times—performing on Radio One a few years ago, and being featured on the cover of Jazz magazine—is in Luxembourg to tour her new album: “Try!”. Why not follow Bresson's orders (try!), then possibly head out for a walk in the Gründ or a spot of lunch, after the concert? Sounds like a pretty wholesome way to round of the first weekend of 2022.


The Wildcard

January 8: Luxembourg Tornado vs Dammarie, Kockelscheuer, 7pm


Did you know Luxembourg City has a pro-ice hockey team? And did you also know that they play in the third division of the French Ice Hockey League? Well, you do now. Head over to the ice rink at Kockelscheuer this Saturday evening to show some support for the Tornado lads! Ice hockey is a fast-paced, aggressive, and engaging spectator sport. If you’ve never been to a game before, this one might be a good place to start. Here’s the link for getting yourself tickets to Saturday's game.